Autumn is one of my absolute favourite seasons. It's that one season in the year where you can be experimental with you clothes. You borrow a bit from all previous seasons and mashed them into one. Me love. The trends (or predict) I see this autumn is sweatshirts upon sweaters and then some more.

The clothes in autumn have a tendency to be a bit grey and dull, but of course should not be. That's why you have to be focus on bringing a splash of colour to your outfit. In the image below, I have combined a classic tailor coat with a great detail on the belt to enhance on the waist, a mid leather skirt with a red detail Isabel Marant sweatshirt. You will stand out because you will be having another red detail, a bag, and a rather small heeled "sock" boot.

This outfit is very sport with a twist and depending on what type of profession you are in, you can wear this outfit at work. Another this that is so great of this outfit is that it fits all body shapes and ooze elegance because of the camel coloured coat.

Different shades of grey and fabrics in autumn? Y E S, bring it on! This checked Weekday coat is on point for this season. Even though it's not tailors, the detailing of this coat makes it up all for it. And you add a grey knitted sweatshirt, which almost all high street stores got in the moment but I put my money on Other Stories and Zara. Add a cement colour grey leather skirt that reaches to your knees, enough for your suede black boots to be visible. Is that a match made in heaven or what? Every fashionista will wear this or at least a combo. This outfit fits every body shape as well.

The colour grey is such an understatement colour....if you don't know how to use it correctly. As mentioned, there are different shapes of grey and if you intend to use different shapes of it in one outfit, then the key to pull it off is to use different materials. Use knits, leather, polyester, suede...you name it be creative in the name of fashion.

I got you covered in checks too. Imagine the 90's movie, Clueless meets 2018. Checks can be overwhelming on the eye but trust me there is a correct way to do this....in moderation. Lets take for an instance the JW Anderson gorgeous checked tailored single button blazer and you add a white printed Fila t-shirt to balance it out. The twist is you have a mid checked skirt on top of that. If you look closely, the check on the skirt is sidelong which throws you off for a second but you wear a kitten heel pointy boots and cat eyed sun glasses you will soon realise that this outfit is Le Magnifique. 

This outfit is perfect for either a straight, pear and hour glass body shapes. The outfit is to either enhance your curves or to create them by adding layers. I created this outfit in the mind for a woman in her 30's who is meeting up with her friends either after work or meal. What is so great about this well thought outfit is that you will stand out in the crowd in a positive way because you will ooze confidence. 


Desi xxx

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