In this blog post I thought long and hard about how to discuss a rather difficult subject, our different body shapes. There are four main categories to differentiate the body shapes; The rectangular, the apple, pear and hour glass. These groups best describes a woman/man body shapes. I think that most people don't quite understand their body shapes properly which results them dressing wrong.

Dressing according to your body-shape can be daunting when you are a busy with work, family and life. Especially after you become a mother, we tend to dress to our convenience because there is no thought process that goes into to it hence why I believe we generally dress wrong to our body shape. Most of our customer at STYLEFRONT are working mothers who don't have the time to go into shops to take their "me" time and shop a new wardrobe. Even though we should and deserve it, we just can't seem to find the time to do so. 

When a customer signs up to one of our styling packages we will the send out an email where we ask them to send us a photo of themselves from head to toe and then the head stylist does an analysis of your body shape. Once the analysis is complete, we will send you out a report where we describe your body shape and what clothes that suits you. All done is digitally and we suit around your timescale.

Below are the different body shapes described.

The rectangular shape is evenly proportioned. They need to think extra on enhancing their waist to create an illusion of a curve/shape. Another thing they should do is wearing layers because, again, it will create more dimensions to a simple shape. The supermodel Gigi Hadid is a perfect example of this body shape.  

The apple shape has got a bigger upper body; wide shoulder and fullness around the middle section. What this body shape needs to concentrate is on their legs to elongate their body shape and structured clothing will add definition. The actress Angelina Jolie has got an apple shape body.

The pear shape, which also known as the triangle shape, typical characteristics  is when the hips are larger than than your bust and wider lower body. Because your hips are your best assets you must not shy away showing it off. Also, try not to draw too much attention to you lower body, there fore concentrate on A Line shape skirts, boot-cut jeans and fitted tops. The singer, Beyonce has got a typical pear shaped body.

And the hourglass, means you have wide bust, slim waist and wide hips. You want to show case your shape and therefore tailor clothes and fitted clothes will embrace your curves. Some people tends to dress down with this great shape but what you can do instead is to wear layers which will enhance your curves in a discreet way. The reality star, Kim Kardashian-West is a prime example of hour glass shape.

Whatever your body shape is, we at STYLEFRONT are experts and enjoy at what we do best; to help you.


Desi xxx


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