Take a moment to think about this; What does your Capsule Wardrobe consists of? Now this will get you brain thinking for a minute. Don't worry, I used to be one of those that used to buy senseless of clothing only to not to use them or throw them away because it was "out" of fashion. Then I woke up and looked at my monthly expenditure and thought "nah, got to do something about this as I have nothing to wear", haha. We all recognise that one, don't we ladies!!!  


Having a capsule wardrobe helps you to think smarter and be strategically on how and what to wear on a daily basis. This blog post is dedicated to anyone who needs a bit of guidance on how to invest in a capsule wardrobe. Please note that it doesn't cost a fortune. A lot of high street stores have good bargains when it comes to capsule wardrobe for both men and women.

Here are the 7 items you should have in your capsule wardobe; 


1. Trench coat- It's very classic and never goes out of fashion. The obvious high street stores that will definitely have them are H&M, Arket, Mango and Zara. I would also advice you to look around in second hand shops where you find classic labels such as Burberry or Aquascutum.

2. Normal/Oversized white shirt- Is very essential to have. It goes very well with anything. You can either dress up or down with it. Depending on your body structure, try to go for a V-neck if you have big bust and crew neck if you have small bust. You can accessorise it with gold necklace.  

3. Black trousers (preferably with split at the ends)- H&M trend have these in their collection. And it's a flattering fabric which doesn't expose too much. Trousers are a must have to own. It could be dressed as a formal occasion or laid back. 

4. Beige trousers- Never underestimate a pair of beige trousers. They are very versatile and can be worn as an office attire. When wearing beige try not to mix too many colours. Stick to the golden three rule (in anything for that matter). I would probably mix beige with black and white. And if I want to be adventures, 1 colourful item of clothing and then the rest the base colours.

5. Jeans- My favourite! I love wearing jeans. A must is either Levi's 501 or Topshop's Jamie jeans which are skinny jeans of the best fabric. A pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt is so effortlessly chic and classic. The more worn look it has got the better. As mentioned prior, the best thing is to look for the worn out jeans in second hand stores. I guarantee you they have loads of styles and fit.

6. T-shirt- a good sourced materials- The good ol' t-shirt. Try to invest in a good sourced material t-shirt. They will last longer and it's good for the environment too.   

7. Classic Trainers- Trainers are a must! You can never go wrong with a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths. They are classic and never goes out of fashion. They are probably the most versatile item to have in your wardrobe as you can dress both up or down depending on the occasion. Another pair to have is a pair of high top black Chuck Taylor Converse.  


As always, if you need any wardrobe consultation don't hesitate to contact us.


Desi xxx

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