“Fashion is an instant language” -Muccia Prada

What is fashion? To be quite frank, I believe everyone has their own definition of what fashion is for them. For me, personally, it’s a way to express myself especially with bold colours; preferably patterns on patterns. However, some people like to stay “safe” i.e. stick to base colours and avoids tailor clothes at any cost; whilst other loves the total opposite and everything exceptionally bold.

And then there are the so-called in-betweeners. The ones who follow what is in fashion and dash it away for next season. Whilst it’s nothing wrong with that however you become like a stereotypical fashion devotee and boring. I say boring because you let yourself be dictated what to wear and not let your inner ambitions take over or at least once in a while.

As Muccia Prada once said “Fashion is an instant language”, one can interpret the quote in many ways but I however choose interpret it that the way you dress does the first talking before you utter a word. Your dress sense can determine a whole lot of things about yourself such as the mood you are in, heritage and even your musical taste. That’s why fashion is an instant language because it’s a form a communication, a silent one but probably a productive one.

When you think of Scandinavia, I’m sure the first thing that springs to people’s minds is; Volvo, Ikea and ABBA. We, Scandinavians are very well known for our sense of dressing, it’s in our gene. It is no wonder why some of the amazing and respected fashion designers/brands such as Acne, Hope, Whyred, Filipa K come from this little country of ours.

With the society constantly changing and evolving, we people have to catch up so that we don’t get left out. Take a look at the music for an instance. Pop music in the 90’s is not the same today. Music genres are expanding and becoming more integrated which means that we like to experiment with our clothes and appearance. It’s our way to prove a reaction before it becomes acceptable. A perfect example of Fashion being an instant language. 


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