I have been thinking lately how to live up my own wardrobe for this month. And the more I think about it the more it becomes rather obvious to me. I have decided to focus on the details around the outfit. That could be anything from a statement jewellery or a colourful hat and scarf. But my ultimate favourite is a full length dress with a pair of sneakers or kitty heeled sock shoes. 

Below are my top favourites for this month that could be worn on a night out, to the office/work or even to the museum. 

Outfit 1:

This outfit could be regarded as sporty but yet chic office look. The details are in the turquoies Acne Studios hat and the sneaker shoes from Reebok with a hint of turquoise detail brings out the outfit from being too dark to lively. The outfit is also a way to "hold-on" to the summer vibe.

What is so great about this outfit suits all body types. The gathering on the waist of this H&M dress enhances the waist in a flattering way because the focus is on the details. You can also add a pair of gold statement earrings. and still pull off this amazing outfit. I will be definitely wearing this outfit sooner rather than later.

Outfit 2:

I can't get enough of the colour brown in different shades and textures. It's definitely the right colour for this season, as well. My golden rule is that I never tend to mix more than three colours in one outfit. Otherwise you will stand out for the wrong reasons.

This power suit outfit is also an office attire but could also be an after work drink outfit. It is so versatile and you can never go wrong with a suit. What is great about this outfit is that you can either dress down by wearing (I know) a pair white Adidas sneakers or a kitten heeled shoes. To break down the outfit you can wear a black Acne Studios hat and with a Gucci gym/PE bag. This outfit can be played around to your liking. But in my opinion I would be wearing this to a meeting or meeting up with some friends for dinner. This outfit fits someone with a pear shaped body (someone with a small bust and wide hips)

Outfit 3: 

This must be my favourite outfit to go out, at the moment. This black turtle neck dress with H&M combined with a checked fleece jacket from Monse.By and heeled kitten sock shoes from Prada, gold statement earrings, and red bum bag from Gucci AND you finish it off with Red Ruby lipstick from MAC...is just Magnificent!!! 

It's a different kind of sexy because the long black dress elongate your body which is very flattering. This outfit fits pear, straight and hourglass shapes. This outfit could have been very dull but the details in the red and gold brings the outfit to what it deserves. This outfit is my new going-out outfit. When you have reached a milestone in your life (when you hit around 35 years old) you don't necessarily need to wear too much cleavage to be sexy. We tend re-evaluate that term....for the good.

If you need help finding outfits like these then contact us and we will gladly help you out with a consulation.


                                                      Desi, xxx

















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