R E - R U N 9 0 ' S

My favourite era is coming back in fashion. The trend at the moment is the revival of old brands such as KAPPA, and Fila re-releasing some of their popular clothes. We will be seeing a lot of colourful polyester coats this spring and probably in autumn as well. A lot of fashionistas are wearing them and if you look closely they don't mix and match brands. They usually have a particular brand coat and matching trousers. However, they are crazy expensive in the stores but I bet you that you will find awesome pieces in second hand stores. It's also worth to have a look in the high street stores as I have seen both Zara and H&M have similar clothes with matching trousers.


I would suggest that you do your research on Pinterest or Instagram the look are trying to recreate and then work your way backwards on how to assemble the outfit. Depending on the look; continue the outfits with sneakers or break it off with heels? Natural makeup with a pair of statement earrings? What's great about this outfit is that it fits any body shape.


As much as I would wear these outfits everyday, I would not necessarily wear this to work (or unless I match it with smart black pants and kitten heels). It's more casual or going-to-brunch-outfit. When I wear these outfits I tend to keep my makeup as natural as possible and hair tied back. I will let my clothes do the "talking" otherwise it will become to overwhelming in the eye of the admirer. Will you be bringing 90's back into your wardrobe.

Desi xxx

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