Slowfashion is on everyone's lips at the moment and rightfully so to be honest. We need to be more aware and smart on how we shop our clothes. Slowfashion is the more sustainable way for the future and good for the environment. Look for inspiration on your favourite influencers or on Pinterest and challenge yourself by buying slow fashion. Create outfits that are timeless and never goes out of fashion. It could be sustainable advocate designers or even second hand shops. The fashion industry to make a conscious choice to be more environmental friendly and we as consumers need to take more responsibilities to what we buy. 

One of the famous fashion designers is no other than Stella McCartney. She is not only sustainable conscious but she does not use any animalistic products  to produce her clothes. Her gorgeous "leather" boots and shoes are all made of vegan leather and it looks like the real deal. But there are more designers on the market such as Cienne, Simon Miller USA and Eden just to name a few. Their main focus is creating sustainable clothes that is good for the environment and fair for the people creating them.

If you are looking for some awesome accessories or jewellery's you should definitely check out Nosouj, Sandy Leon Jewel, Azlee and Brothervellies. They have a good following on their social media platforms. The below picture represents the designers. I love gold hoops combine it with casual clothes. I wouldn't mind using an alternative option to leather as I think it can lift up a look completely.  Are you aware of any of these designers? What is your take on buying items that are a bit pricey but last a very long time? 
The only thing that might be off putting is that it might be a bit pricey. But if you reason with yourself and draw the pro and cons you will soon realise that its actually good in the long run. You buy into the quality rather than the quantity. When I buy new quality clothes I tend to go for capsule wardrobe as a base and add good sourced jewellery that will spice up my wardrobe/look. Some high street shops have a small sustainable collection where there materials used to make the clothes are carefully sourced. It's worth to check it out. Do you have a strategy how to become more sustainable conscious? Please share them in the comment section.
Love Desi xxx

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