The definition of the word sustainability is the "ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level". There is big debate at the moment on how to be more sustainable and more environmental conscious about our planet. 

What is good is that more fashion brands are becoming more and more conscious about being more eco friendly i.e to use more ethically sourced cotton and using more recycled materials. 

At home or in the office Offices you can use more renewable energy, such as solar panels, to use natural resources. We can also try to aim to use less plastic! Whether it will be plastic bags, plastic utensils, plastic cups. There are great alternatives to the above mentioned such as natural recycled material which is good for the environment and your conscious.

Slow vs Fast fashion.

To be more sustainable conscious, you can start concentration of buying clothes that are as natural as possible and ethically sourced. They are more longer lasting pieces. And for your money that you spend a little bit more on your clothes are or household items, you know you will get more quality rather than quantity. We owe it to ourself if we want to make our good deeds contribution to the environment.

Fast fashion: clothes that are being made at such fast pace to keep up with tomorrow's trends. Because of the high demands to follow the latest trends, unfortunately the conditions of the industries where the clothes are being made are most of the time not up to standards that are necessarily required for the workers and the factories contributes to air pollution. We also have to think about the water footprint that we are responsible when the factories use excessive amounts of water for the cotton consumption. It's a domino affect, if one area get's disturbed everything else gets affected by it.

Everything start with us. Do your homework; find out what fashion brand that supports sustainability. There are a lot of high street brands such s H&M, Lindex, Moki and ASOS, to name a few, that have collection dedicated to sustainability. But luxury brands such as Stella McCartney never uses fur and the garments that she uses are sustainable materials. We can also start buying less but to choose better. Buy clothes that you really need and not what is the latest trends as they always goes out of fashion. 

When buying beauty products buy products that are as vegan as possible. In that way you know that the products you are using are not only free from animals but also the animals have not suffered cruelty in the process. There are good brands such as the Bodyshop, LUSH, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Lowengrip Care & Color and Bare Minerals to name a few.

Try to have a capsule collection, where you have a few essentials in your wardrobe collection that never goes out of fashion. These can be basic t-shirts, v-neck sweaters, trousers and jeans.

I sometime like to get a bit of vintage clothes every now and then. You can find good gems in there...if you are patience and know what you are looking for.  My personal thumb rule is to look for is nicely tailored shirt or trousers, boyfriend jeans to cut up to the ankle and wear with ankle boots. Old vintage t-shirts are also a good buy as they tend to be more colourful. And lastly, college sweaters are absolutely must. I tend to go with the colours either grey or black and depending on the season either green or orange.

We at Stylefront are going to aim to be for sustainable conscious going forward.


                                                    Desi x

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