S T O C K H O L M F A S H I O N W E E K S S 1 9

The annual Stockholm Fashion Week SS19 open its doors on the 28thAugust. The heavy weight designers such as Filippa K, ATP Atelier and Diana Orving showcased their latest designs for SS19. The trends ranged from earthy colours to patterns and from classical cut to oversized clothing. It is safe to say that the Fashion Week delivered for every fashion enthusiast.

Every year the fashion week give a spotlight to new and upcoming designers. A new fashion contender made her debut at the Swedish fashion week, Ms Selam Fessahaye. She has been a successful stylist for the likes of Seinabo Sey and Sabina Ddumba to name a few for many years and now turned into a designer. The clothes shown on her show was very spectacular, very neon, oversized clothes, not typical clothes you would necessary wear on the street but more to stand out from the crowd from miles away. 

For an instance, the singer Sabina Ddumba wore a beautiful orange layered chiffon dress that was exquisite whilst Seinabo Sey wore an equally black see through dress with under skirt and bra covered in sewn in red flowers. The models were all bare feet which was quite liberating and did not portray the normal model look but rather ordinary people. It is about time that the rest follow this since it’s the ‘ordinary’ people who buy their clothes and gives us a sense of body positivity.

What stood out for me was in the Fashion Week was when the Swedish veteran designer, Camilla Thulin, featured many of her faithful celebrities’ customers. The one who stood was was, Sara Danius wearing her signature look, the bow blouse (who reigned from her position as the secretary at the Swedish Academy. There was a lot of applauds for her bravery and inspiring act.

To be honest, fashion is not always about beautiful clothes and endless of thin models. For me, it is about being able convey a message by being provocative and thought provoking to lead discussions about what is happening in the society, and to hopefully lead somewhere.


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