White Details

The spring has arrived and why not welcome it by the colour white. It never goes out of fashion. White is a very sophisticated and elegant colour and goes with anything. It goes with dark colour as well as pastell colours. However like all fashion rules it's important that know how to enhance you clothes by dividing evenly on your body. What I mean by that it's all in the white details.

In Spring and Summer, we tend to wear white as it associated with something fresh and new. I would wear a white t-shirt with a pair of white shoes or trainers. Another alternative would be white pair of trouser with a white detailing scarf. Subtle changes to details can change an outfit and be a deal breaker on how you intentions were to bring out your clothes. 

I would personally limit the colour white in Autumn or Winter as it kind of clashes with the colour schemes of those seasons. Autumn is beige, green, orange and red while winter is navy blue, dark green and black. The colour white would therefore deceive the whole outfit and come crashing down.

Overall, stick to the respective seasons and colour schemes and abundance of white in spring and summer time.

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